Taking ownership of the new van. #VanLife

After much deliberation and internet research we have finally done it! We’ve brought a van. A lovely second-hand 2007 Renault Trafic high top. Work will commence immediately on making it a comfortable and practical vehicle from which to launch our adventures.

Over the coming months we will be working to improve its functionality, and slowing turning it into a comfortable campervan for two and a dog. As we go we hope to test out the vehicles suitability for longer trips but initially our plan will include:

1. Deep clean

The van has been used as Trade vehicle and is subsequently pretty dirty inside. Today we’ll begin work to strip out and replace the paneling in the back. It’ll need power washing tor move some of the dirt. We can then have the cab valeted.

2. First stage modifications

To turn it from a panel van into an AdventureLife24 vehicle we need to make some simple modifications. We need to

  • remove the bulkhead (which we can hopefully sell on eBay)
  • insulate the floor
  • fit seats (we purchased two mini-bus seats from the garage)
  • put windows in the doors (still to be sourced)
  • remove and repaint the heavy duty roofrack and ladder

3. Electrics

Before putting all the paneling back in the van we need to add a 240v electrical system to power life’s little essentials. This will include:

  • a leisure battery
  • fuse board
  • electrical hook up
  • 240v sockets
  • lights

4. Second stage modifications: Camper conversion

It is hoped to eventually use the van as a camper for longer, more comfortable journeys. This will require fitting all the fixtures and firings associated with a campervan. It’ll also mean we can change the v5 and claim cheaper insurance and ferry tickets. We plan to fit:

  • rock n roll bed
  • cabinets
  • cooker
  • sink with running water
  • toilet
  • revolving captain’s seat
  • windows in the rear doors
  • sky light
  • carpet

We will update this site, and improve the quality of our blog posts, along the way.